We are only beginning to understand how lifestyle choices affect individual health and well-being. Wikilife provides the global health community a database that can be used by researchers, scientists and physicians around the globe to help discover new scientific research behind healthy living.

We hope to collaborate with other organizations and developers to help expand our audience and provide insight into healthy living for millions of people around the world. This project can profoundly impact advancements in health and wellness research, and ultimately yield a healthier global community thanks to the contribution of individual participants.

Reference Database

The Wikilife project provides the most extensive and comprehensive database of real-time health and lifestyle information available anywhere in the world.

Health history, lifestyle choices, major life events, nutritional habits, spiritual practices and many other factors contribute to individual health and well-being. The Wikilife database provides unlimited access to information on a global scale, information that is invaluable to the medical community, researchers, educators, students, sociologists, psychologists, nutritionists and anyone else in interested in their own health. The possibilities for advancing research in health and lifestyle sciences are virtually limitless.

Platform for Research

The Wikilife database is an indispensable research platform for the global medical science community, giving project teams, researchers and user groups access to an always expanding database of invaluable health and lifestyle information.

Physicians, scientists and other experts in the medical and health research fields are now provided an invaluable resource that provides free, unlimited access to global health information in an intuitive, real-time platform.

Open Data

The Wikilife project is committed to providing open and FREE access to its resources. Any individual can export aggregate data, statistics, studies and team collaborations to any personal computer or browser-enabled device. Users with iOS devices are encouraged to use our Wikilife app for an even more fluid user experience.

The Wikilife database is available to everyone and serves to further the health, well-being and education of the global community.