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Wikilife's API lets third party applications integrate into the core Wikilife experience, making them easier to discover and use.

We've released a set of endpoitns as part of a developer preview in preparation for a full launch of users in late summer/early fall. These endpoints are still under development and liable to change with little notice.

Applications connect with Wikilife via OAuth 2.0. This is the standard used by most API providers, including the Facebook Graph API.Wikilife's API features let third party apps integrate into the core wikilife experience, making them easier to discover and use.

Start by registering your application to obtain Wikilife API credentials. Be sure to use an account with a secure password to manage these credentials. Since each set of credentials is tied to a particular URL you may want to create different credentials for your development server and production server. In the registration form you get the “client ID” and the “client secret” necessary for the OAuth authentication.

API Endpoints

Wikilife is a health information network that produces more than thousands entries a day. The Wikilife platform offers access to corpus of data, via our API. Each endpoint represents a facet of Wikilife, and allows developers to build upon and extend their applications in new and creative ways. It's important to note that the Wikilife API is constantly evolving, and developing on the Wikilife Platform is not a one-off event.

This REST API enables developers to access some of the core primitives of Wikilife. In addition to offering programmatic access to the profiles, logs and user objects, this API also enables developers a multitude of integration opportunities to interact with Wikilife. Through the REST API, the user can create and post logs back to Wikilife, query stats, and more.