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Software & Hardware Developers

Wikilife is open-source so that the online developer community can further enhance its applications and integration with existing apps. We are in the process of developing a web app called DataDonors where users can donate their data through the integration of the different tracking apps and devices.

Register your App. Integrate your device. Connect it with Wikilife.

We invite the online developer community to get creative with Wikilife and submit APIs documentation to ensure that applications, web sites and new hardware integration (such as, metering devices) are "Wikilife Compatible".

Hardware integration allows for a truly seamless Wikilife experience with endless possibilities: Bluetooth-enabled water bottles that can use Wikilife to show how much water you are drinking or a wifi-enabled scale that uses Wikilife to log and analyze your progress as you reach your target weight. At Wikilife, we're helping people to have a healthier living using the latest technologies.

Support Wikilife

The WikiLife Foundation is supported entirely by donations and sponsors that help provide for the needs of this revolutionary non-profit project.

The WikiLife Foundation was approved of exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code., We recommend that contributors consult with their own tax advisors prior to making any contribution to The Wikilife Foundation.


Wikilife is always looking for creative people who are passionate about increasing awareness of global health issues. Whether you are a programmer, doctor, publicist, designer- if you're interested in collaborating
with Wikilife contact us


All funds are utilized to refine and enhance Wikilife, in addition to generating press releases, online marketing, and educating wider audiences about this revolutionary new way to understand the human health.