Wikilife Categories


The Profile category has the user personal information, like hair and eye color, height, weight, birthdate, ethnicity, gender, etc.


In this category you can log all information about workouts, exercise and other physical activities and sports. For example, the type of sport you practice, gym workouts either alone, with a group or a personal trainer, etc. and even how you feel after doing it. Every log allows you to track your personal progress over time. We encourage you to log every activity in order to provide the most verifiable data about yourself.


This category allows you to log everything related to your health and medical records. You can log the medication you take, allergies, blood type, surgeries, chronic conditions, treatments, medical studies or procedures, medical visits, and track health parameters like cholesterol, blood glucose levels, etc. In the "log" section there is a shortcut that lets you enter your daily symptoms and ailments (headache, cough, skin rash, vision impairment, etc.). You can also log odontological conditions. The data from this category will allow us to find new relationships between health and lifestyle and it will help the users to conveniently follow their medical history.


You can use Wikilife to track and analyze your daily mood and emotions. With the mood equalizer, you can log the level of happiness (1-10) at any particular moment. You can also type in the emotions that you are feeling, helping you to follow how you feel over a period of time. Moreover, Wikilife can help you analyze your mood data and correlate with particular events in your life. For example, you might find correlation between unhappiness and a visit from your mother in law or experiencing anxiety after watching a certain film.

You can also use Wikilife to track and log your psychological complaints, such as a panic attack or a relational problem, and even a specific psychological condition, such as an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). And if you need to see a psychotherapist looking for some help, you may also follow your sessions through the app.


The metadata in this category includes different recreational activities related to general leisure. Here the users can track or add for example how many cigarettes they smoke per day, their social and tourist activities, how much time they spent reading, cooking or mediating, etc.


With Wikilife, you will be able to log everything that you eat or drink every day. Wikilife provides you with an extensive food and beverage database that, with the intelligent textual interface, will let you log all of your nutritional information with a few finger taps. You can easily log beverages by using the shortcut located in the "log" section. Every time you log a particular food you can specify the type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc), who you shared it with (alone, family, friends, etc), for how long, and where (home, work, in car, etc). When you log your food intake, you will receive immediate feedback about the calories and nutrients you are consuming. This category will enable you to track and analyze your diet, helping you learn how healthy and balanced your diet truly is.


This category refers to all the information about sexual activities. The idea of this section is to encourage the user to log sexual preferences, the number of times he or she has sex, where, number and intensity of orgasm, etc. It is also important to study if the users are conscious about safe sex. For this reason, you will also be able to log if you take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases by using condoms and other forms of contraceptive. Users can log this data via the "Answer" section or through the intelligent textual interface.


Wikilife has created this category in order to study how our jobs can affect our health and personal life. Here you can log what type of job you have, how many hours you work every day, how you feel at work the "intensity" of your work , etc. You can log all this information and record even more information through the "Answer" section.


In this category you can log the activities related to education, such as attending lessons, exams, graduation etc.


Many beauty treatments, products or procedures contain harmful additives that may affect your health. Keeping track of these events and how you use these products might help you find correlations.


Traveling and going abroad makes changes in the environment that you are immersed in; keeping track of these changes is important to identify factors that affect your well- being.


Aspects of your life that influence your lifestyle such as meditation and religion can be tracked in this section.


Many physiological aspects of the human body are important factors in our overall health. Wikilife allows you to log the duration and quality of your sleep, every time that you go to the bathroom, if you usually take naps or if you are a morning rather than a night person.