Wikilife Device Integration Process

Wikilife Device Integration Process

Wikilife has the ability to integrate different devices, and this functionality helps users keep track of their devices' data, without logging the data manually. Now, users can view logs generated by devices in their Wikilife app! One of Wikilife's objectives is to anonymize user identity, therefore we don't want to store username and passwords for each device. We have implemented a solution to accomplish this goal: using Singly services to get data from devices without having to store any personal data using the Oauth protocol. 

Why Singly?

Singly is an extremely useful tool that integrates web services using Oauth, an open protocol that allows secure authorization in a simple and standard method using web, mobile and desktop applications.

How the authentication works?

Using the Wikilife app, users can authorize Singly to access to their devices' account and provide the data to Wikilife.

Data flow:

Users who have tracking devices (such as Fitbit, Zeo, Runkeeper, etc.) will be able to integrate them with Wikilife! 


     1. User completes an activity using a tracking device. 

     2. The device sends the activity data to its respective server. 

    3. User enables the integration to that device within the Wikilife app. 

    4. Singly is authorized to obtain user information from device server. 

    5. Wikilife servers get the user activity through Singly services without storing user’s username or password. 

    6. User activity is processed by Wikilife. 

    7. The feedback related to the activity is shown in the Wikilife app. 

The integration of different devices to Wikilife, will enormously increase the number of logs per user. Logging is easier and faster, automatic, but still anonymous. 

This great amount of information will allow users to find new correlations that will help discover the impact of these variables on health, mood and lifestyle.



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    The integration of different devices to Wikilife, will enormously increase the number of logs per user.

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