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About Wikilife


  • Daniel Nofal Image
  • Daniel Nofal


    After years of thinking about it, and a few weeks after returning from TED, I decided to finally start the project and Geraldine came on-board. I am an entrepreneur, founder of IPLAN and Sustentator among many other projects.

    My interest in health began ten years ago while studying about physical conditioning, nutrition and the relationship with the environment. I am committed to move this project forward because it is possible, urgent and a wonderful exploration of the human condition.

  • Geraldine Gueron Image
  • Geraldine Gueron, MSc., Ph.D.


    As co-founder, I began working at Wikilife in March, 2010. I'm a molecular biologist by profession, with a Master in Science and PhD in Biological Chemistry. My previous and present research focuses on discovering the role of oxidative stress and inflammation in prostate cancer. I've been a research fellow at the Laboratory of Cancer and Apoptosis at the Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires.

    Part of my PhD was completed at the Cell Membrane Biology Laboratory at the Biochemistry Department, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Leeds, UK. While at the Department of Organic Chemistry at University of Buenos Aires, my research focused on organic synthesis. I am very excited to become an active part of Wikilife and help promote this breakthrough global health database.

Senior Management Team

  • Juan Gargiulo Image
  • Juan Gargiulo, MSc.

    CTO & Executive Director

    I was immediately attracted by this project because it combines my two passions: health and technology. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from Drexel University and have been developing consumer oriented software in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for more than ten years. During the past fours years, I've been involved in several projects focused towards finding innovative solutions to improving people's health worldwide.

  • Michelle Hines Image
  • Michelle Hines, I.E.

    Project Manager & Executive Assistant

    As an industrial engineer, I've been interested in discovering how our lifestyle affects our health. Having worked at Wiikife since October 2010, I've grown confident that this project can help drive research that ill provide unique insight into the human condition. Prior to Wikilife, I spent extensive time in the private sector (as an industrial engineer), working at companies such as Techint, Nestle, Coty, and Lancaster Group. I also have previous experience in event planning.

Science Team

  • Maria Cecilia Dignani Image
  • Maria Cecilia Dignani, M.D.

    Senior Medical Director, Clinical and Translational Programs

    In May 2010, I had the opportunity to watch Daniel Nofal´s presentation about The Wikilife Foundation. I believe that this project can become THE link between community, health and science. I am a physician specializing internal medicine and infectious diseases. My specific field of research are infections in immunocompromissed patients. I obtained my degree in Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires and practiced internal medicine at CEMIC in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, USA (1987-1989). I also researched infectious diseases at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas (1991-1994) and at the Myeloma Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA (2001-2002). From 1994 to 2011, I was the head of infectious diseases at FUNDALEU (Foundation for the Fight Against Leukemia) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    My research has led to more than 30 publications in national and international scientific journals, with more than 50 invitations to courses, and scientific meetings. Most publications have been related to invasive fungal infections and immunization in the inmunocompromissed host.

    Currently, I am a member of the Commission for Infections in Immunocompromissed Patients at the Argentinean Society of Infectious Disease (SADI), faculty member of the Faculty of 1000 Medicine and the principal investigator or the first national registry of invasive mold infections in immunocompromissed patients (REMIIN, registry number 18219, Dirección de Protección de Datos Personales, Ministerio de Justicia, Argentina).

    After 25 years of experience in patient care I realize that healthcare systems around the world have limitations, several of which that Wikilife can overcome. I am very glad to be part of Wikilife because it can help improve the quality of life by merging technology, science and healthcare into one cohesive platform. Just an example: Wikilife will allow you to have all your healthcare data in one place, anonymously, and readily available to any doctor around the world that you may visit. So with Wikilife, no more frustrating home or hospital searches for old lab works or medical histories. Plus, scientists will have a new source to look for research ideas or hypotheses.

  • Federico Prada Image
  • Federico Prada, MSc., Ph.D.

    Genomic & Health Data Integrity Manager- Senior Research Scientist

    After attending the first public presentation of Wikilife, I knew immediately that I had to be part of this amazing project. It only took one meeting with founder, Daniel Nofal, for me to join the team. I'm a molecular biologist at University of Buenos Aires– UBA (MSc. Biological Sciences – Cum Laude). After working for more than eleven years in the "Molecular and Cellular Therapy Laboratory" at Leloir Foundation (formerly Campomar Foundation), I obtained a Ph.D from UBA University and a post-doctoral position at The WOUND Consortium (which belongs to the 6th Framework Program for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration for the European Union).

    I am currently the director of the Bachelor's of Bioinformatics, and associate professor, and researcher at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences at UADE. Since 2007, I have worked as a professor at Di Tella University in the Executive Education Program: "Innovation, Biotechnology and Business".

  • María Binaghi Image
  • María Binaghi, MSc., Ph.D.

    Head of Science Programs- Content Manager

    I joined the Wikilife team in March 2010. I am a molecular biologist specializing in plant viruses and biotechnology and wrote my Ph.D thesis at the Department of Physiology and Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Buenos Aires. I have done part of my Ph.D studies at Oklahoma State University, USA and at the University of Bordeaux, France. I have also worked at the National Academy of Medicine focusing on mammalian cancer. I have been a teaching assistant at the Biology Department at the J.F. Kennedy University and I am currently a professor at University of Belgrano.

    I have always been interested in the mysteries of human health and am extremely excited to be part of this revolutionary and dynamic platform. Please join us in this inspiring worldwide health project and become a part of Wikilife!

  • Marcelo Martí Image
  • Marcelo Martí, MSc., Ph.D.

    Bioinformartics Research Director

    I am a Molecular Biologist, with PhD in Theoretical Biophysics. Currently as Joint Professor of the Biological Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires and CONICET Researcher, I am head of a Bioinformatics group. My research interest focus on developing and applying new bioinformatics methods to transform large amounts of biological data, mostly derived from next generation sequencing, into valuable knowledge. In particular, we plan to understand how human genome variability is associated with disease.

    I joined Wikilife in 2013, to help integrate Genomic with health and life-style related data. I am very excited by the potential impact the project in both the scientific community and society as a whole.

Development Team

  • Joaquin Quintas Image
  • Joaquin Quintas

    Lead Software Developer

    I joined Wikilife in October 2010. The project fascinated me from the beginning and I found it impossible to refuse becoming part of a project that can help humanity. I’ve been developing systems for around 10 years at companies such as Sony, IBM, and Gemalto among others. I also provided courses in UML, Java, Junit, Struts, Hibernate. I am very excited to be working on Wikilife.

  • Emmanuel Carelli Image
  • Emmanuel Carelli

    Software Developer

    My work during the last few years has been focused on developing Enterprise Applications and Agile Methodologies. I was attracted to Wikilife primarily because the effort contributes directly to bettering human wellness and gives me the opportunity to collaborate on innovative solutions based on emerging technologies.

Creative & Communications Team

  • Eugenia Kessler
  • Eugenia Kessler

    Creative Director

    I’m a Graphic Designer, having graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. I have more than five years of experience improving image and visual communication at various companies and projects. I've also acquired extensive experience in POP, marketing (promotional and digital) and everything related to the areas of advertising management and graphic development. I’ve also coordinated collaborative teams, and I’ve routinely found value in learning from everyone’s experiences. Just another reason why I love being a member of the Wikilife team.

Board Members

  • Fred A. Vierra
  • Fred A. Vierra

    Fred Vierra served as Chief Executive Officer of Tele-Communications International, Inc., a NASDAQ listed company and the international arm of Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI), from 1994 to 1998. He was also Vice Chairman of the board of directors until November 1998.

    Prior to joining TCI, Mr. Vierra was President and Chief Operating Officer of United Cable Television Corporation, which merged into United Artists Entertainment (UAE), where as President he was in charge of all day-to-day operations and ongoing strategies for the corporations. In this position, Mr. Vierra also directed the activities of both UAE’s cable television and theater division presidents.

    Mr. Vierra began his career in cable as Executive Vice President, Investment Banking, for Daniels & Associates, the leading financial services company for the cable industry.

    Mr. Vierra has served on the boards of many companies, including Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Channel, Princes Holdings Ltd., Australas Media Ltd., Torneos y Competencias S.A., Telewest PLC, and Flexteck PLC. Mr. Vierra also served as Chairman of the Board of VLG Acquisition Corp., and is currently a board member of Playboy Latin America and Jones International Networks, Ltd. He was also appointed by the Governor of Colorado to serve on the Colorado Lottery Commission and the Colorado State Personnel Board.

    Mr. Vierra graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. He was honored as an Outstanding Alumnus by the TU College of Business Administration in 1997 and received the Distinguished Alumni award in October of 2000.

  • Pia Valacco Image
  • Pia Valacco, MSc., Ph.D.

    Senior Research Scientist

    I joined the Wikilife Team in March 2010. I am a molecular biologist who has been involved in cancer progression-related research for the past 8 years. I have a PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires. Part of my research was completed in Marseille, France and with two years at the Mass Spectrometry Lab at UCSF, specializing in proteomics as a tool for identifying tumor markers. I've been been on the faculty (as a teaching assistant) of the Biological Chemistry Department at the University of Buenos Aires, since March 2003.

    To protect and preserve our health, it is important to know what is good for us. Becoming a Wikilife user will help us understand which habits contribute to our well-being and will help us improve our lifestyle. Wikilife is a brilliant great experiment, with an unlimited number of participants, and unlimited variables. As a researcher and as an individual who seeks healthy living, I HAD to be a part of Wikilife.


  • Alejandro D'Alessandro
  • Alejandro D'Alessandro, M.D.

    Cardiologist Graduate Degree at the University of Salvador (Buenos Aires - Argentina). Specialist in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. I've always been comfortable with computer systems and technology in general. I kept studying as a hobby since the beginning of my career in medicine and I always had the idea of joining my profession with my hobby in a way that is relevant and helpful to the community.

    Wikilife is a great idea, a team that responds to the specific need to understand more and improve health in the 21st century. With problems that require urgent current healthcare solutions, I can't think of other options that leverage big ideas, solidarity, and global deployment together. I've been involved in several projects focused on guiding, motivating and accompanying people to an active and healthy life.

  • Agustín Pecorari Image
  • Agustín Pecorari


    I’m a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Buenos Aires (MS.c “Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimisation”, ENSIMAG – Grenoble I. France) and Industrial Engineering (UBA). I’ve developed software to simulate and optimize electric and gas markets and optimize telecommunications networks, among other things.

  • Pilar Valacco Image
  • Pilar Valacco

    Nutrition Content Manager

    I received my B.A in Nutrition from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. In addition to receiving a post-graduate degree in Food Marketing, I'm a certified Gastronomic Professional. In 2008, I began working as a nutritionist at a physical rehab clinic for people with special nutritional needs. I designed and supervised the diets of the patients according to their needs, preferences and clinical history. My career has shown me entire new perspectives on the body´s needs, and the effects of food on our health and well-being.

    After learning about Wikilife, I realized that it is the most effective way to spread the word and educate people about the impact that our diets have on our health. It is time for people to realize that food controls our well-being, mood and energy levels- paying attention to your diet WILL inevitably improve your health. I can’t think of a better way to prove the correlation between diet, lifestyle and health. The more Wikilife users, the more significant impact we can have on global health research!

  • Maria Noel Zimberlin Image
  • Maria Noel Zimberlin, M.D.

    Head of Pediatric and Dermatology Programs

    I am a physician specializing in both pediatrics and dermatology. I obtained my M.D. from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires and practiced pediatrics at Juan P. Garrahan Hospital, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´ve also been researching on the molecular basis of cancer genesis at the Laboratory of Physiology and Molecular Biology at the Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires.

    I believe Wikilife will help both health professionals and patients better understand the impact of lifestyle choices on our physical and psychological health. I’ve recently joined the Wikilife team and am proud to be part of this outstanding project.

  • Sonia Lozaga Image
  • Sonia Loizaga

    Head of Psychology and Mental Health Programs

    I joined the Wikilife Team in November 2011. I am a Psychologist from the University of Belgrano and have a post-Graduate degree in Clinical Psychology for Adults, from the “Hospital de Clínicas, José de San Martín”. I have experience in private clinical practice, private psychodiagnostics and I have performed psychotechnical tests for several companies, such as Von Der Heide.

    I have always been interested in technology, psychology and finding ways to combine both in a productive manner. I believe Wikilife offers a great opportunity for people to become aware of how feelings, thoughts and behavior can affect their health and lifestyle by understanding how they influence one another.

  • Andrea Ares Image
  • Andrea Ares

    Content Analyst

    I joined the Wikilife team in January, 2012, as an undergraduate biochemistry student shortly after learning about this project from founder, Daniel Nofal. I have always been interested in how technology can help make healthcare easier. As someone who has been part of the healthcare system, I've had trouble finding an appropriate example until now.

    Wikilife connects technology and health in a way none have previously imagined.


  • Jennifer Roberts
  • Jennifer Roberts, J.D.

    Content Manager

    I'm a lawyer by training, graduated from the Yale Law School, but my love of the tango drew me to Buenos Aires where I began a career change that led me to marketing and online publicity. I have experience working with clients from around the globe in a variety of languages, first at Google, later at Buscapé, and now with a variety of innovative projects, one of which is Wikilife. What I love about marketing and online advertising is similar to what interested me so much about Wikilife - the potential to change human behavior and make more information available to people who need it.

  • Rodolfo Malvacini
  • Rodolfo Malvacini

    My passion for creating, building and sharing, began during my childhood with Legos and has continued throughout my adult life in my involvement with the electricity, telecommunications, nutrition, and health industries. It is true that it takes lots of creativity to build something from scratch, whether it be a structure, a personal relationship, medicine or a new paradigm. But in order to achieve all this, we require a crucial element: information, data, a manual- something that catalogs the experiences and knowledge that we've accumulated and copied inside of our brains. Yes, I said copy- we are copying machines and we learn in this way; by copying and reorganizing information to give it relative meaning and context. I am very grateful for all the people who've left us information throughout history and who were able to transmit it verbally or textually by caring and sharing this information. And I am equally grateful for those who seek content with the sole intent to reinterpret this information in order to create something that can improve our ours. That is what Wikilife is all about, and I'm honored to contribute to such a project. As someone recently said to me, "If you know something, you have to share it.".

  • Bobby Sakaki Image
  • Bobby Sakaki

    Lead Communications Manager

    I joined the Wikilife team in November, 2011 after working as a political consultant and communications specialist in Washington, D.C. At Wikilife, I help expand our network of users, developers and researchers to ensure our project reaches a global audience. I'm a strong believer that emerging technologies such as Wikilife can enable us to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

  • Amy Lee Robinson's Image
  • Amy Lee Robinson

    Communications Manager

    I am passionate about exploring health through data. I think Wikilife will help us better understand ourselves through more intelligent data collection and consumption. I joined the Wikilife team to to promote the adoption of our platform and expand the vision of how numbers can revolutionize how we think about health. I spearhead the Wikilife Infographic Project, a new initiative that invites student designers from around the world to visualize health as a part of college-level design curriculums. I also coordinate hackathons and work closely with Quantified Self leadership by co-organizing Quantified Self Boston, one of the largest QS groups. I live in Cambridge, MA and helped launch MIT's EyeWire, a game to map the brain. I founded and curate the TEDx Global Music Project, an initiative that collects, remasters and shares the best live music from TEDx events around the world.